Our New HQ

Existing hut

Proposed Plan

We are excited to announce that the 5th Gosport Sea Scout Group has taken advantage of the quiet period for the HQ building and are taking steps towards securing our future.

In recent years, it has been agreed by the leaders and committee that the HQ, whilst structurally sound, needed to be updated to meet the requirements of current day Scouting and also to ensure it continues to be well maintained.

Having been built by our own committee and completed in 1980 to replace a Nissen Hut that was being used by the Group, the HQ holds strong memories for many and has allowed hundreds of Scouts to develop skills and, more importantly, friendships.

With our sections at capacity and our leadership teams wishing to offer more

amazing opportunities to members, the HQ needs to evolve to fit our current needs.

What’s the issue?

The HQ has not had any major upgrades for a while and the sections are finding that more teaching spaces would also better support the programme we offer, as well as support special needs and improve safe guarding.

In addition, we also need improved storage areas for both our sections and committee, plus all the equipment we have for our camping and boating activities. We are also storing some RN Sea Scout equipment which we are able to use to support our activities, so need more space for our boats.

Where are we at?

The process has taken several years, but the executive committee and leaders are now at a stage where they are finalising plans and looking to engage external parties to support us in the development of ideas.

Both our Group Scout Leader and Scout Leader have met with an architect who is now drawing up a proposal for the group which will need to be submitted for Council and planning approval.

At the same time, an electrician has been commissioned to undertake a complete electrical rewire of the HQ as the system was at the end of its life and at risk of becoming unsafe.

Alongside this, two new doors will replace the ageing front and fire escape external doors, making the building more secure.

Proposed HQ

What’s the proposal?


We are looking at replacing the existing kitchen and reorganising the space to enable better access for cooking activities for all sections.


The Male and Female toilets will be removed with unisex full height cubicles installed and the addition of a wheelchair friendly accessible toilet, which can also act as the leaders/adult toilet during sessions where youth are present.


The existing Wardroom will be retained but become a teaching space and extended over the current store and Male WC with a new folding partition so that it can create either 1 or 2 teaching areas as needed. Storage will be provided in these rooms for each section.

A new wardroom / teaching space will then be formed in the existing boat store giving the sections 5 teaching spaces where they can focus on a quality programme.


New stores will be created next to the new teaching space to provide a dedicated area where fundraising items can be stored and also space for tables and chairs.

Boat Store

A newbuild extension will form an extended area for us to store and maintain all our trailers and boats, and also provide space where camping equipment can go.

Building Edition - May 2020


Our little garage will then be moved next to the extension and offer a location for the group to store gardening equipment and the trailers that are used for camps.

Bike Racks

To help reduce our carbon footprint and encourage healthy living we are looking to install a number of bike racks for use during scouting sessions.


We are still unsure on how we are going to move forward with parking and we would love your suggestions.

How can you help?

We are lucky to have many skilled parents and family members within our group and we’d love to support local business where possible. If anyone thinks they can help with this project then please drop Allan Davey an email at gsl- 5thgosport@gosportscouts.org.uk

We have been fundraising for several years towards this project and whilst we will be applying for grants and match funding schemes in the near future, we still need your help.

So if anyone can help with skills, time, grant or fundraising ideas, energy or know someone who can then please do let us know.

We have been very fortunate to have some dedicated people to help with fundraising at events such as Collingwood Open Day, St Michaelmas Fayre and Stubbington Fayre as well as some generous donations. However, with the current COVID 19 situation, these opportunities have been put on hold.

Please remember to Gift Aid your subscriptions and nominate us through Amazon Smile when you are online shopping. Every bit helps.