Our 2021 Virtual Camp

During March, we organised a whole group (including Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) Virtual camp. Starting on the Friday night, we had our opening ceremony which had an all important theme of Fancy dress! Some awesome costumes. Followed by one of our many sessions in the kitchen - creating S'mores in a mug - these were thouroulgy enjoyed by all of the children and leaders. We then ended the evening with the all important Camp fire, full of singing, dancing and evening a story.

Saturday morning we felt well rested and ready for the day ahead! To start our morning off we made some delicious pancakes which comprised of various toppings, chocolate spread, marshmallows, the classic lemon and sugar and so much more.

We then played a game of bingo - this was very competitive and extremely enjoyed by all, parents, beavers cubs and Scouts. With even one of the Scout leaders winning a Full house!

Later on, we had our morning Motivation with Buzz Lightyear - aka Mr Joe Wicks.

Ready for our Geocache Hike we made some funky fudge - we are sure more was eaten prior to the walk than on the walk.

Now it wouldn't be a camp without getting extremely messy so we then made our own Slime - this was great fun and definitely messy! Some children trial the use of Slime as hair gel - we can report that this was a great startergy and one to let manufactures know of.

Geocache time! Wow our Sections were busy - a range of walking, cycling, paddle boarding was done during the three hours and as a group we covered over 200 miles!

When we returned form our mission we then put our lab coats and goggles on for some Super Science - creating hoe made Lava lamps. This was another great success!

We ended the evening with our Camp closing which consisted of a video showing so great highlights of the Camp, some awards and a visit form the Group Scout Leader and District commissioner. All who took part received a Virtual camp badge for their Camp blankets.

This was great moment for the 5th Gosport Scouting Group leaders and children thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and cant wait to get back to face to face camps soon.

Virtual Geocache Hike